Why we launched with natural false lashes

Being of Korean descent, I was born with a small inner crease which would be covered by the excess skin on my eyelids, essentially making me mono-lid. Christina was born with big beautiful round doe eyes and large glorious space between her crease and lashes. Yes, lucky her!

As you know, Christina and I reside in the US, specifically California, and more specifically San Francisco. The beauty industry in our markets and across the US reflect that of very western beauty standards only we don’t have very western features. You can imagine how difficult it was for us to find products, specifically lashes, that enhanced our eyes just enough for it to look natural but noticeable enough to make a difference.  Meanwhile, our friends would keep telling us they need to find lashes that 1) don’t look like they are going clubbing 2) can wear with little to no makeup 3) something that’s noticeable doesn’t stand out… enhanced! So, we got to work. 

Meeting with suppliers overseas, constant emails about specific hair placement, thickness and taperness of each strands to mimic real hairs, lengthy conversations over a single mm, throw in a global pandemic and merely 2 years later… BAM! The DU JOURS were born… lashes designed for daily consumption.

We couldn't be happier with our inaugural product. Our customers are constantly raving about how comfortable and lightweight the product that they almost forget they have them on! Which was always our goal. 

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