Are your products recyclable? 

We put a lot of care and thought into our packaging to ensure it is 100% recyclable. Our lashes itself are reusable but not recyclable.  

All trays are custom designed to be completely biodegradable and compostable.  You may notice some small fibers attached to the base of the lash when removing it from the tray.  This is completely normal.  Please make sure you remove the glue from the band before using.

Are your lashes reusable?

Yes, we highly recommend you re-use the lashes for our environment.  However, as with anything, please treat them with care. 

We recommend using a gentle makeup remover to clean off makeup. For more stubborn makeup like water proof mascara or glue residue, we recommend using bi-facil makeup remover. Please read below for washing instructions.

Can I wash my new lashes? 

Yes, using warm trickling water and a gentle soap, we do recommend very gently cleaning your lashes and allowing them to fully dry before re-wearing them.  Don't forget to watch our instructional video on how to clean your lashes.

What are your lashes made out of? 

Our lashes are made of premium Korean synthetic silk and faux mink.

Are your products cruelty free? 

Yes, we ensure all our products are cruelty free and vegan.  No animals or humans were hurt in the making of our products.



How do I apply my new lashes? 

Rather than us explaining, please watch this video.

Can I apply mascara on my lashes?

Yes, our lashes are designed to look like your own. A light coat of mascara will just give it that extra definition as well as blending your own lashes with your new lashes. Just note, mascara may affect the longevity of the lashes. 

Can I curl my lashes? 

Yes, we encourage you to gently curl your lashes to seamlessly blend your own lashes with your new lashes.

How many times can you reuse a pair of lashes? 

This is really up to the individual and lifestyle. The lashes can be worn 1-15+ times as long as it is treated with care and stored correctly to protect it from damage.