How to remove your your false lashes and waterproof makeup

If you've tried the DREAM LINER, you know it's very waterproof. We created this waterproof liner to survive against tears, sweat, rain and all the unexpected life throws at us. This may make removing, a little challenging. After all, the DREAM LINER doesn't know the difference between sweat and when you're actually taking off your makeup.
Don't fret! We thought we'd share our favorite tips on removing stubborn waterproof makeup.
METHOD 1:  Using a dual layer liquid eye remover (i.e Lancome's Bifacil)
1) Shake eye makeup remover, this evenly mixes the forumlation
2) Use a cotton pad and saturate the pad with the eye makeup remover
3) Gently place and press the saturated cotton on both closed eyes for 30 seconds. This helps the makeup to absorb remover and loosen the liner for easier removal 
4) Your false lashes should slide off easily without tugging,and the dream liner lash adhesive should be easily removed without harsh rubbing.
5) Finish the cleansing process with your favorite face wash
METHOD 2:  Using a cleansing balm
1) Use about a teaspoon of the cleansing balm and use circular motion to massage the eye and face area
(Jane's favorites are Glow Recipe and Banila Co)
2) As you begin massaging the cleansing balm, you will notice the change in consistency from from gel cream to a thin oil. Note: the balm is not ready to be rinsed off unless the consistency has thinned out completely
3) Using warm water, rinse off the balm. You will notice the balm emulsifying, similar to a foaming face wash 
5) Finish the double cleansing process with your favorite face wash.
(Jane's favorite is Gentle Elements from Super Egg)
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