How to put on false lashes

If you are a newb, you’re in luck.
Putting on lashes can be daunting but it doesn’t have to be.  Yes, the first time is always challenging but after a few tries and our helpful tips, you’ll be applying those lashes on the daily in no time.
Now, lets first start with a pair that’s natural. Natural usually means lightweight and flexible. We can graduate to something more dramatic after we get our feet wet.
  1. Always apply with a tweezer. This helps with control and placement.  
  2. Apply Dream Liner, like you would your liquid liner.  If you don’t use liquid liner, use our clear version. It's fool and mess proof.
  3. Tilt your head head back 25% degrees and raise your eyebrows,  this opens up the surface area of the lid creating a flatter and crease free service.  Perfect for laying on the strip lashes.
  4. Place the lashes down on the lid center first.  Using the tweezer, position the inner corner then the outer corner.
  5. Tap tap tap to push in the lashes closer to the base of the lash line,
  1. Gently curl lashes using a lash curler. Our favorite is Surratt's Relevee lash curlter for it’s flatter surface area which suits Asian eyes perfectly.
  2. Finish with a very light coat of mascara just at the tips. Any mascara will do but our favorites are Ilia and Lancome's We want the lash strands to be visible not clumpy. 

If, you're like me, you need visuals to digest and retain information, you're in luck! Watch this short Tiktok complete with a little storytime. Leave us a comment to let us know how you do!

@menubeauty Using @menubeauty’s A LA CARTE 102 lashes. #storytime #grwm #fyp #asiantiktok #storytelling #kbeauty #kbeautymakeup #kdrama ♬ TV - Billie Eilish
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